• Walking a Tightrope

    Quiz: On average, once a person becomes depressed, how long is it before they get professional help?Possible Answers: Two months? Ten months? Two years?

  • I Struggled With Mental Illness

    I struggled with mental illness.There, I said it.The first part of breaking the stigma surrounding mental health is to admit it. And so, to you, my friends – and to the entire world - I admit that I struggled with mental illness.I share my story for two reasons: one, to make a tiny, little dent in removing the stigma surrounding mental health; and, two, to encourage you to seek help if you or someone you love is suffering from a mental health issue.My struggle with mental health was with intense...

  • Thirteen Reasons Why…Teen Suicides are on the Rise

    The Netflix film Thirteen Reasons Why has created a buzz around the topic of teen suicide. While many experts in the field have denounced the film for various reasons, the one good thing that has resulted is the increased conversation on the topic.

  • Spring Symposium

    We are currently seeking organizations to participate in the Symposium. This includes not-for-profits, governmental agencies, clubs and churches. If you are a member of or are familiar with such an organization, please provide contact information to:tomkfoundation@gmail.com. We will then contact the organization regarding specifics for this invitation-only event.

  • Joe Karlin's Testimony on Jason Flatt Act

    On January 26th, Joe Karlin gave the following testimony before the Kansas Senate Education Committee in support of the Jason Flatt Act requiring suicide prevention training for school district personnel. 

  • This is What Depression Looks Like

    Attaching an awesome resource from the Grant Halliburton Foundation: This is What Depression Looks Like.

  • Kevin Hine's Presentation - The Art of Wellness

    On Kevin Hines' recent visit to Kansas City he shared his strategies for wellness, check out the presentation below.



  • A Victory Shines Through

    My ears are ringing from the screams coming from above. They were at it again. My sister and my dad had engaged in another combat of words most likely about her future after graduating from high school.

  • Talk Listen Act Video

    This Talk Listen Act Video was one of the 2015 Scholarship entries.

  • Anxious Girl

    I’m part of a generation that uses Adderall like they’re skittles, who use Xanax as often as I use my car, who abuse Ambien like I abuse my bank account on Chipotle. Abusing prescription drugs is seen as “cool” yet when I’m reliant on an antidepressant just to get through my day to day life I’m looked upon as “mental.” I have never seen a bigger stigma against mental health than in the halls I walk every day. I once took a psychology class.

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Joe Karlin

Joe Karlin is the founder and President of the Tom Karlin Foundation. Joe is a bank consultant and a small-business owner. Joe serves on the Lenexa City Council, is a member of the United Community Services of Johnson County’s Drug and Alcohol Council, and is on the advisory board of CHASE, an organization that seeks to unite individuals and families impacted by an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) with their community. Joe’s oldest son, Tom, took his own life on November 5, 2011. Joe and his wife, Amy, are parents to three other children. The family is active with various activities at Shawnee Mission West High and Holy Trinity Catholic Church.

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